At VRS, our current software environment is built and maintained to ensure the success and protection of all our clients’ and partners’ business, name, and brand. Our software environment tracks any metric and generates specific tasks that help keep your portfolio team efficient, informed, and in compliance.

Our system allows for rapid data collection, allowing our production floor to take on and work more assignments without ever leaving the system, producing increased efficiency.

By tracking the data footprint of a person in a manner that is not possible when gathering data manually through various websites, our technology utilizes the rapid growth of Artificial Intelligence to the process, using a proprietary algorithm to sort through the data and display only the most relevant information. Other key features include:

  • De-duplication of data, adding visualization and layering Predictive Analytics to Public Records and Open Source data to make data more readily available.
  • Automation and Workflow Management Tools allow us to easily move assignments between our internal skip tracers and our vendors.
  • Automated Compliance Tracking at a Federal, State, and CFPB level.
  • BK, SCRA, TCPA, deceased and other rules and scrubs in an automated process helps us ensure we not only remain compliant but have a system that is easily auditable.
  • Instant and transparent collaboration between lenders and vendors, or between the office and field staff
  • A vigorous security structure – SSAE 16
  • Telephony integration with a built-in compliance rules calling engine. Telephony offers build in, click to dials, non-ATDS, phone system built into masterQueue with complete call recording and data storage makes calling much more efficient and compliant.
  • Full integration into every major data provider.