It is our policies, procedures, internal control, and training materials that allow us to confidently ensure our clients that we are in compliance with all applicable laws.

We maintain success in these practices by utilizing a staff of managers that lead by example, and by utilizing proven business management and leadership techniques, researched and studied by business psychology experts to be most effective in today’s world.

We take pride in conducting the on-going and continuous employee training services that are not only necessary to equip our staff for success, but are necessary to ensure that we maintain familiarity with, and abide by, all appropriate laws, to protect your name, your brand, and your business.

To fortify our efforts in excelling your expectations, we have a dedicated Training and Development Manager that is dedicated to and responsible for insuring that our policies and procedures are adhered to and trained for continuously.

Victory Recovery Services offers our clients the most consistent and secure access available nationwide to their dedicated CSRs, who are trained and encouraged to exemplify professionalism, knowledge, and skill in their area of expertise.

It is for this reason, that we require our representatives, who will directly or indirectly work accounts provided through VRS, to participate in our Regulatory Compliance Training and pass all associated tests with a 90% or higher. We pride ourselves on excellence, and we train and guide our employees to do the same. Additionally, VRS utilizes a third party compliance training course that cover critical topics such as the Red Flag Rule, FDCPA, UDAAP, SCRA, and Bankruptcy. Employees must pass all of these associated tests with a 90% or higher as well, and undergo this training upon hire, and annually thereafter.

We don’t let anything fall through the cracks. All tests are administered upon hire and annually thereafter.

Our mandatory web-based training provides foundational knowledge about compliance, but we know that excellence goes above and beyond foundational knowledge. Our comprehensive training system takes our employees into hands-on live training with our Training and Development Manager, to address risk-based selected topics that are reviewed further in depth, and we don’t stop there. To ensure that our employees’ knowledge of compliance and correct business conduct remains current, our training programs are re-introduced by way of regular refresher courses.

That’s just another reason that Victory Recovery Services, Inc. is the only choice that makes sense.