Victory Recovery Services provides our clients with an industry leading forwarding service to recover your collateral quickly and efficiently.

We tap into our expansive network of highly qualified and regulated agents to offer our clients the quick response time, prompt reporting, and quality results that they need.

Collateral Location

At Victory Recovery Services, we have done our due diligence, and we pride ourselves in our industry leading collateral location and recovery management services.

VRS has gone above and beyond to offer a network of over 600 all-star recovery agents that are fully insured, bonded, and vetted, creating nationwide coverage that can’t be beat. We take care of our agents, as we do our customers, to ensure prompt and secure results, and maximum interconnectivity.

License Plate Recognition (LPR)

LPR is a license plate image-processing technology that is rapidly increasing the capabilities of locating assets that may normally go unnoticed by even the most trained eye.

When a license plate on our “repo hot list” is scanned, our recovery agent is alerted to immediately notify VRS to receive the recovery assignment, and recover your collateral “on the spot”, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

LPR scans, combined with our leading skip trace system practices; providing you the client with boosts in resolution rates with an uplift of 15%, allows our network of vetted agents to locate and secure vehicles nationwide.

It’s like having a third set of eyes looking for your unit.


VRS has expanded our line of business to now offer expert remarketing services.

VRS, together with our remarketing partner, provides both existing and new customers a “one stop shop” experience. Our partner provides all transport and remarketing needs, allowing us to stay focused on the five-star services that have made us the leader in our field since 1989.

Our services are designed, developed, and implemented for each individual and specific client need or request.

Skip Tracing

VRS is the leading mind behind the nation’s most comprehensive and effective skip tracing system and process, that through its “first in the industry” history, has influenced other vendors nationwide.

With our unrivaled experience, combined with the best skip tracers in the business, and the most powerful technology available, backed by our ground-breaking “round the clock” training and compliance monitoring, VRS boasts the most optimized search capabilities, and provides the most effective results on even the deepest skip portfolios.

Not only have we set the standard of quality service for other vendors, we also serve our clients with the most custom-tailored services possible, to meet all of their unique needs. With a business model based around the protection of our partners’ names through our robust compliance procedures, and our commitment to always serve our customers with excellence, we are able to minimize risk and maximize resolutions in a way that has simply been lost to most in the industry.