Since our beginning in 1989, VRS has focused on delivering best-in-class services to our clients.  We have an extensive and prestigious client base throughout North America.  Our proven results, competitive pricing and our experienced senior leadership team coupled with our company-managed nationwide force of repossession agents make us a great choice to serve your location needs.


We always maintain ample staff to give your accounts the time and expertise you anticipate and deserve.  VRS’s corporate staff possesses 21 years of experience in the areas of banking, finance, insurance, asset recovery, collections, and information technology.  To further meet the needs of our customers, we have dedicated staff that specialize in a particular client or in a specific category of collateral.  These resources have been put in place for one specific purpose – to serve our clients.


Our proprietary software possesses reporting capabilities and features that not only allow us to excel at our work but also provide your office with virtually any type of report or data.  Using superior technology to meet and exceed the expectation of our clients, VRS provides 24/7 secure access to status updates and real time repossession reporting.